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Reaccreditation audit passed

29. August 2018

Reaccreditation passed, scope extended

The scope of the accreditation has been extended as follows:

  • Extension to the areas of "Emission Analysis", " Pressure Water-jetting", "Visual Assessment Procedures" and "Bending and Tensile Testing"
  • For all areas, the testing laboratories are permitted to use the standardised or equivalent test methods listed in the appendix of the accreditation certificates with different versions.
  • In addition, the testing laboratories are permitted to freely select standardised test methods or equivalent test methods for the following areas:
  • adhesion tests
  • stone-chip tests
  • pressure water-jet tests
  • colour measurement
  • chemical resistance tests
  • weathering
  • condensation water tests
  • corrosion tests
  • temperature and climatic tests
  • bending and tensile tests
  • emission analysis with the method Areas
    • determination of the fogging behaviour by means of fogging apparatus
    • determination of odour behaviour by sensory analysis
    • determination of formaldehyde emission by photometric analysis
    • determination of aldehyde and ketone emission by HPLC
    • determination of volatile organic compounds by gas chromatography standard detection (FID) and mass selective detection (MSD)

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